Burning Injustice

There has been mayhem on the streets of the UK after decades of social and economic injustice experienced by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities (BAME) reached boiling point.

Now we must look for solutions to the crisis. Official figures tell us that BAME communities make up 40% of the population in London and will increase to 80% of the working age population by 2014. The 2012 London Olympic games was won on a commitment to diversity and equal opportunities.


Government figures state that £574 million has been awarded in contracts via the official online brokerage system, CompeteFor (June 2011). The 2012 Games has a total figure of £9.3 billion as an overall spend. But just 6.8% of BAME businesses have been awarded 2012 Olympic contracts, according to CompeteFor.


Engage Enterprise and The-Latest.com have launched a broad based campaign with their thousands of supporters to redress the imbalance. We are making specific demands to the government to end social and economic injustice as a top priority.


Contracts for security, transport, catering, communications, hospitality and accommodation services, among others, are still up for grabs.


Support our petition to get at least 35% of the remaining 2012 Olympic contracts for BAME and small and medium enterprises (SME Micro). Jobs for our youth and economic rejuvenation for our damaged inner cities can result from such positive action.


We are not asking for preferential treatment but fairness based on merit.


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